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Pirelli Scorpion Winter

The Pirelli tire Company has been setting the record since the time of its foundation, challenging the struggles of modern world of technology and is setting it record, providing style and sustainability along with the upgrades of technology to provide the customer with best quality and advance technological innovative products, it has spread its network along with global partnership. It has adopted industrial integrated strategy in response to flexible production concept. It looks forward to set up major changes on economical scale. It has developed a governance system to provide the best international services internationally and enhance its role as a multinational company. It provides its customer a wide range of tires.

Pirelli scorpion winter tire is one of the best manufactured tire by the Pirelli tire Manufacturing Company. It is the winter high performance touring tire which is specially designed to be fitted in the SUVs and CUVs with a maximum focus on it high end segment. It provides high traction power, easing its user with firm gripping and easy handling. The main aim of this tire, Pirelli Scorpion Winter is to provide its user with high cornering speed and sharp bends. It gives a total control to its customer providing them a save ride and strong grip. It eases the fear of downhill braking with its high grip percentage. It has an equal amount of dry and wet grip maintaining a balance between them for a comfortable and a high speed straight line driving experience. The best thing about this tire is that it is specially designed for snowy conditions and thus possess maximum snow grip which gives a strong grip and complete control in such a difficult condition. Due to this it is preferred by most of the customers over other tires because of its excellent mileage and high progressiveness. It has a low rolling resistance and a superb water drainage which help prevent cars from heating up. It is available in wide size ranges to ease its customers. Its testing result made it the 1st ranked Auto Bild and is recommended as an autozeitung in November 2012.

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