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Pirelli Scorpion XC: So a good tire feels

You are looking for a motorcycle tire of the upper class for your cross-machine? The tire series Pirelli Scorpion XC invites for rapid cross-country drive and shows you how fantastic handling and optimal grip feels. Also, you will convince the efficient braking of the Scorpion XC and longevity with security.

Pirelli tires - the desire for perfection

The Italian company Pirelli is one of the best known and most respected tire manufacturers worldwide. In countless tests of automotive and motorcycle magazines the different tire model Pirelli received Bestwertungen. Reason for this may be the continuous development of the already excellent products. Since 1872, Pirelli already exists and for over 100 years, the company focused on the dream of the perfect tire. The consistent this way is successfully broken, also shows the motorcycle tire series Scorpion XC for Cross-motorcycles.

Pirelli Scorpion XC: The ideal tire for cross motorcycles

The Pirelli Scorpion XC tires series achieves top results in the areas of traction, traction on difficult terrain, heat resistance, stability, handling and braking. The special rubber compound for off-road trips and the striking profile including robust block, the contents with the Pirelli Scorpion XC tires is not so easily lost. The direct reaction of the maximum power of the bike, the tires Pirelli have little loss. Moreover, this high performance is maintained over the full life cycle. The tire series Pirelli Scorpion XC is available in different dimensions than summer tires and some with M + S marking.

The name stands for Pirelli Tire class and should expect the buyer also. In the case of tires Series Scorpion XC this quality promise is fully complied with. In all relevant areas, the tires can convince and Pirelli tires are moreover inexpensive.

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