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Toyo PROXES T1 Sport

State-of-the-art technology used in making Toyo PROXES T1 Sport and construction patterns has made it a perfect summer tire of high performance. It features precise steering handling, cornering excellence, dry and wet handling, high-speed stability, and quick braking on the roads with all conditions. This high-performance summer tire is the ultimate choice of those who want to drive with safety and comfort together. Toyo not only wants to meet the needs and expectations of its customers but exceeds them when it offers this tire with ultra-high performance. Stability, safety, and luxury ride are the extended features of this tire making it favorite of the drivers.

Wet weather performance of Toyo PROXES T1 Sport is improved with grooves providing wide water channels in all weathers. It offers block rigidity that improves its braking ability by notched rib design. Its daily and regular wear is reduced due to locking of the blocks. Tread design contact is increased by combining large blocks. It enhances steering control and handling. Contact us today to get marvelous tires with a long list of features to enjoy your drives in summer. You will feel the pride and confidence of perfect and pleasurable rides.

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