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Truck tires from Dunlop

Dunlop tires are for more than 120 years of tradition. Car, truck and motorcycle riders enjoy the special feeling when driving quality tires. In addition to Birmingham and Montluçon is another Dunlop Development Centre in Hanau. Tires for everyday use and racing are developed in close cooperation with the companies Goodyear and Sumitomo tires and produced.

Dunlop tires promise driving intensity closely associated with excellent driving safety

Whether it's Dunlop truck tires, passenger car or motorcycle tires is: In the development and production is reaching the highest quality in the foreground. The main focus is on the addressing the country-specific requirements of the road. Dunlop has accepted the challenge and its tires designed to ride and safety comfort to feel immediately. The great commitment in racing has Dunlop allows technological approaches to mature to the point that these be included also in the conceptual design of Dunlop tires, as well as in the development of Dunlop truck tires.

Dunlop tires convincing in Test

Special, winter and summer tires convince annually in the test reports and cut average with recommended or as the winner from. Dunlop tires are also available for vans and off in large selection. Dunlop winter tires are especially convincing in the field of high-performance vehicles; as Dunlop truck tires or car tires and motorcycle with an excellent grip on wet roads, improved traction and the use of fuel-saving profile. Reliance on the use of summer and winter tires, one has with careful driving several years joy of Dunlop Quality. Here is the perennial use requires a periodic health examination of profile and rubber state.

With presence of information on tire index, size and price can be found for almost every type of vehicle the right Dunlop tires. Driving stability and steering precision are properties that provide above all Dunlop truck tires for a clear improvement in performance and handling.

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