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Falken Truck tires

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Falken Truck tires

Trucks must always be on the road with high-quality tires. One reason for this is the large load, are exposed to the tire. There are often several tons, have on an individual tire pressure. Falken Truck tires can cope with these stresses. They ensure a safe journey by truck - in any weather.

Precision, safety and high performance with Falken Truck tires

Falken is a Japanese subsidiary of Dunlop . Many tire of the company have arisen in collaboration with Dunlop. But the well-known Japanese brand also uses its own technology to produce high-quality tires. The first tire models 1983, the manufacturer on the market. It takes less than two years, until they tire celebrate a worldwide success. Today falcon is one of the most famous tire manufacturer in Japan. Hawks truck tires are manufactured with the highest precision. Accordingly, the results are very good at the test site of the company. The tires provide precise steering and stable position of the truck in any weather condition.

Falken Truck tires convince with good quality and low prices

The BI 867 is a falcon truck tires for large and medium-sized vans. There is talk of a tire of the type Regio remote. The Speed ​​Class M enables truck tires tempo of up to 130 km / h can be achieved with this Falken. He is, despite its pronounced profile very quiet and produces no vibrations at higher speeds. If necessary, this tire can also be fitted on the truck trailer. Another successful tire model of the brand is the Falken RI 117 . It is suitable for dry and wet roads. Thanks to the four wide tread grooves, the risk of aquaplaning is reduced to a minimum. This one is on tires even in the rain safely.

Hawks truck tires are developed in collaboration with Dunlop. They are very safe and provide for easier maneuvering with the truck. In various tests showed all models of Falk tire to be very resilient. They justify the good image of the brand and improve safety on the roads.

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