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Firestone truck tires

Firestone is a renowned American tire manufacturers from the Bridgestone Group. Firestone provides among other car , transporter and truck tires ago from summer to winter tires.

Special features of the Firestone truck tires

tires Firestone produced with the latest technology. When creating profile types, grooves and carcasses modern methods are used. In addition, Firestone truck tires very cost effective in the acquisition.

Types of Firestone truck tires

Firestone offers truck tires both for use on the road and on the trail. The types FS 400 and FD 600 are characterized by high mileage, good handling in both wet and dry road conditions and are particularly well suited for retreading. The types UT 3000 and SAT 3000 are characterized by their high resistance to cracks and regular wear. In addition, extremely long due to robust design and rubber compound the life. Through a deep tread design results in a very good traction. The best tires so frequent trips in the area. The entire range of road tires offers a high performance traction and good handling performance. In addition, a long life is guaranteed even under difficult conditions such as exhaustion, cuts and Karkassenschäden.

Firestone truck tires provide high performance and a long duration of benefits at affordable prices to both rapid overland routes, within short walks in the city or off-road. The customer can always choose between a wide range of profile types, rubber compounds and groove designs.

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