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Kumho truck tire

Kumho tires are among the leading products in the Asian market. Kumho is specialized in the production of heavy-duty and therefore safer tires for trucks. The customers of Kumho benefit from a high quality and reasonable prices.

Kumho is one of the largest tire manufacturers in Asia

Kumho is a subsidiary of Kumho Asiana Group. The company, like many other tire manufacturers in Asia also, a long tradition in the production of rubber products. Initially, Kumho was predominantly concerned with the production of rubber which has been, an important raw material for the manufacture of vehicle tires of all types, exported all over the world. But quickly noted the company was founded in 1960, that it has the necessary know-how for the independent production of truck tires. So while a careful development phase quality Kumho truck tires, which are now sold worldwide originated. The product range of Kumho also includes various types of car tires , which are often used in the Asian auto industry for the initial installation.

Trucks need more safer tires

The tread of a truck tire is significantly different from a car tire. First, it is much thicker and is made of a harder rubber compound, because it has to withstand a higher load. The profile of a truck tire must be designed so that even with large transport loads the stability of the truck is backed up. Kumho truck tire KRD02 has these important properties. The truck is precisely and easily controlled, even on wet roads. Slight wear and resistant tread ensures a long service life. The wide range of Kumho truck tire covers winter, summer and special tires.

Safety is the biggest theme that the developers of Kumho drives during their work. Only quality tires enable safe progress of the truck, including its load. Kumho truck tire convince also with affordable prices and a long lifetime. For this reason also rely quite a lot of logistics and transportation companies the quality of Kumho.

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