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Vredestein Quatrac 2, the tire for all weather conditions

Are Ganzjahresreifen an alternative to summer and winter tires? The tire manufacturer Vredestein answers this question with a resounding "yes" and sent as evidence the series Vredestein Quatrac 2 into the race. The all-weather tire is to present both on dry and on wet surfaces and even on snow and ice a convincing performance.

Strong yet flexible tread compound

Vredestein is a Dutch tire manufacturer based in Enschede. The profile of all tires, including the Vredestein Quatrac 2 is, however, designed and manufactured in Italy. For the tread rubber compound with silica is recovered; the tire is replaced by a particularly high stability and can be flexible while adapting to different weather conditions. Motorists who equip their car with a Vredestein Quatrac 2, therefore, no longer have to switch from summer to winter tires. The all-weather tire brings them safely through rain, ice and snow.

Can even outpace winter tires

In tests, the Vredestein Quatrac 2 stand against pure winter tires perfectly and leaves competitors like the Hankook Icebear W440 in the test of Stiftung Warentest even behind. Its main strength is the driving behavior on dry pavement: The Vredestein Quatrac 2 responds quickly to every steering wheel movement and comes when braking to a fast stop. Also on snowy and wet roads he shows a solid performance. Especially compact and small cars can use the Vredestein all-season tires are fitted.

Weather tires as the Vredestein Quatrac 2 are for all regions where falls little snow, a favorable alternative to winter tires. Safety and quick reactions are also given at winter temperatures.

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