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Westlake tires - tires for any occasion

The tire manufacturer Westlake advertises rightly with the slogan 'tires for any occasion ". Because the product range includes a wide range of Westlake tires for passenger cars, SUVs, or for the truck . On Westlake you will therefore be sure to find it.

Superior stability and high traction

Westlake tires can convince with its many good handling characteristics in all categories. The sophisticated tread design impresses with its wide longitudinal grooves which have a collision along the side wall and thus even at high speeds can ensure superior stability. Moreover, it was once again increases traction over the past years and the stopping distance, which again improves the driving experience considerably. We should also mention the perfect grip on wet and dry roads, thus the risk of aquaplaning again reduced. With Westlake tires one is thus travel safely and comfortably in every season and at every opportunity. On Westlake you can convince yourself of the high quality of summer tires in peace itself. Furthermore, here also models for the winter and for the off-road area to find.

High quality supply and adequate prices

The tire manufacturer Westlake can look back on more than forty years of successful corporate history. The company, based in China combined since its inception quality with adequate prices and can therefore convince European and US customers. In addition to a wide range of models for small vehicles there are now countless offers for trucks, light commercial vehicles or SUVs. However, one thing that all Westlake tires common: all can come up with countless good handling characteristics that are all customer needs and requirements in full. On Westlake example, there are the popular West Lake tires from the series SP and other models from the series SV, SU or Snowmaster - just to name a few.

The Chinese tire manufacturer Westlake white with its wide range of various vehicle models to inspire customers from around the world. No wonder, all models feature but a high quality and many good handling characteristics, which can be a special experience every drive.

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