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165/ 70 R13 All-Season tires for cars

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165 70 R13 all-season tires: Economic Pneus for small cars

Fuel-efficient, comfortable and safe to drive: 165 70 R13 all-season tires are an ideal choice for frequent travelers, who place a particular emphasis on the economic aspects of tires. Are best suited to the all-weather tires for small cars such as the Citroen C3, VW Polo or Peugeot 208th

Low fuel consumption thanks to the narrow tread

For looks 165 70 R13 all-season tires are reluctant. The narrow car tires act with its large cross-section and the small inner diameter of 13 inch wheels not particularly athletic, but worry especially on small cars for a coherent overall picture. Coherent is also the ratio of fuel consumption to driving behavior. The small tread of 165 70 R13 all-season tires ensures especially on snowy roads for a better grip. The reason for this is that the vehicle weight is distributed on a relatively small area and thus the pressure on the substrate increases. On snowy roads of Pneu thereby decreases a deeper and the tire tread can improve your grip.

Comfortable weather tires Maxxis

For driving comfort, the tire size is mainly responsible. This column lists these with the average number of tire labeling, so the 70 in 165 70 R13 all-season tires. This is a ratio which indicates the percentage of the width, the height (165 mm * 0.70 = 115.5 mm). With growing tire height and the thickness of the rubber layer of the rising Ganzjahresreifen . Since rubber is absorbing, the Pneu smoother and the ride comfort is better. In addition, the narrow tread ensures low rolling noise, which the comfort also comes to meet. Recommended tire series: The Maxxis MA AS in the dimension 165 70 R13 achieve excellent results in wet adhesion and are priced in the lower middle.

The dimensions 165 70 R13 all-season tires as promises balanced driving fun with fuel-saving guarantee. Small cars to benefit both the properties and the appearance of the tires. Recommended is the tires Maxxis MA series AS.

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