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Steel wheels for cars

Steel wheels are mainly used in the passenger and freight transportation industry their use. The clear advantage is the low-cost manufacturing. The safety standards for steel wheels match, regardless of the design, the standard, so that the selection may depend on the style. Since the physical differences between steel rims or wheels of other materials have become very small, the buying decision is a matter of personal taste. Stahlfelgen convince meanwhile many drivers.

Userinstructions and legal framework

Steel wheels are subject to high safety standards. In addition to the TUV certification, the manufacturer must especially show that the welds are reliable and permanently stable. A combination of steel wheels and light-alloy wheels is excluded in principle.

Leading manufacturers

Even with steel rims have different on the market price segments established. From low-cost designs to expensive and noble steel rims different products are available. Among the leading manufacturers of steel rims company Brock or Alcar Hybrid Wheel are counting. The matching steel wheels can be found most easily when tire size, car type and year of the car can be specified. Car plants and car dealers usually offer the possibility typ own wheels to be ordered via its own sales. For steel rims market next to the market with new models and an assorted market has opened up of used wheels. Who does not want to deal with Neupreisen, can be found on the second hand good deals.

Buyer of steel wheels, make sure that the accessory for steel wheel set as center caps and lug nuts, is also included. Here it is worth specifically ask and to where appropriate take advice to the and simply be able to buy the right components quickly. Steel wheels can separately be purchased as Stahlkomplettrad ie without cloak, or. In the latter case, the manufacturer accepts, or the supplier, the guarantee that the Stahlkomplettrad assembled professionally and was especially balanced legally correct. Buyer of wheels is also to note that tires are included, depending on the product in the price or must be purchased separately. Steel wheels should be well chosen, so that it will actually be a long-term purchase with a reliable and long-lasting quality when purchasing. The conditional sale purchase that the steel wheels are inspected by an expert to rule out accident or abrasion damage clearly can.

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