Buying the right types of rims

Rims might be perceived as the simplest of components in the vehicle but they are very important. Leading rim manufacturers are constantly working on developing new production techniques and methods to produce even better rims.

When looking for good rims, you should remember that this is a part that can add some style to your vehicle. Car rims come in various designs, materials and rim sizes. The market of rim manufacturing offers a wide range of brands. You might have heard some of them, others might be totally new.

The best rim brands

It is easy to find rims that will suit your car and match its technical features, as there are a lot of rim manufacturers available on the market today. AC Wheels Alloy Wheels, Alutec Alloy Wheels, OZ Racing Ultraleggera, American Racing Torq Thrust are among the most popular brands.

Rim comparison

Alloy rims. Alloy rims are manufactured from two metals – aluminum and magnesium. These rims were first used in 1920s but became extremely popular only in 1980s. Aluminum alloy rims are fitted on most vehicles, vans, trucks and SUVs by manufacturers. These rims are less expensive but have good durability features. Alloy rims are light and gives more control over the vehicle.

Aluminum rims. These rims are cast from aluminum or forged aluminum. Aluminum forged rims are considered to be the strongest rims on the market. This is achieved by exposing aluminum to heat and pressure, crushing the metal into an extremely dense and immensely strong rims. The enormous force of compression from the forging makes rims extremely light and many times stronger than an equivalent casted wheel.

Chrome rims. Chrome rims are basically steel or aluminum rims with layers of chrome. Chrome rims used to be very expensive but today chroming techniques allow making them affordable. Many looking to “trick their ride” will choose chrome wheels because not only do they shine and grab the eye, they are less prone to rust than alloy or magnesium wheels. Adding chrome layers on top of steel or aluminum makes these car rims heavier. In addition, chrome rims require extra care to keep them shiny.

Where to buy rims

The best selection of rims can be found on the internet. You should order rims online because online shops have a huge range of excellent rim at reasonable prices. This is the place where you can find rims of different colors and manufactured by different brands. Rim finder helps find wheels of different brands based on specific technical requirements set by the drivers. Rim selector helps make decision between two very similar types of product. In addition, customers might get additional discount. If you are a permanent client, online shops usually send information about upcoming rim deals and discounts. Shop online and discover many other benefits of being loyal customer in e-store. 

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