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ATV Quad Tires

ATV Quad tires are large, rough and bulky in appearance. Compared to other brands of motorcycles tires, quad ATV tires have a smaller diameter and are wider. The smaller diameter is to make it harder for the quad to tip over.

Larger tires, when slopped at a certain angle, let the vehicle slide down the slope. The same is the case with ATV tires, but the smaller diameter means that a steeper angle is required to tip the ATV over.

The design of an ATV tire

The treads on a quad tire are raised with a deep sipe system that runs across the spine. The sipe crossing over the spine allows the tire to have more flexibility and also to push out water faster. The thickness of the tires is more than that of standard motorcycle tires. This is so an ATV can make a smooth transition from road to dirt and back on again.

The sidewalls are very sturdy to reduce side to side sway on a quad. Just like a motorcycle while turning the driver leans into or away from the direction of the turn. The sidewalls make sure that the quad does not sway so fast that it flips over.

Where to buy ATV Tires

ATV tires can be purchased online, through retailers, and dealerships. Cheap ATV quad tires have a shorter life span and have less flexibility. In the long run, these cost you more money and are more likely to suffer damage from use. If you use an ATV on a daily to weekly basis, it is a good idea to invest in a set of tires that are somewhere in the middle of the price margin. Again the choice of the tire will depend on the environment it is to be used in.


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