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Motorcycle racing tires

Motorcycle racing tires come in different grades. The grades usually refer to the softness of the rubber used to make the moto racing tires. The softest tire provides the maximum amount of grip because as they heat up, they expand and cover more area. But at the same time, these are the fastest to wear out.

Medium tires can be used for professional, semi-professional and amateur racing. Soft tires are more expensive to produce and purchase. It needs to have the perfect ratio of flexibility and resistance. Medium tires are suited for use on the road and don’t wear out as quickly.

The cheapest is the hard tires. The hard tires can be used on any road. These tires wear out very slowly but can cause the ride to be uncomfortable. Hard tires do absorb vibrations better and can be used for slightly even surfaces – not off the road though.

Motorcycle racing slicks, on the other hand, are designed specifically for the track. These tires are light and soft. Owning such a set requires constant care and technical know-how is needed to utilize the tire properly.

What companies make Moto racing tires?

Motorcycle racing tires brands include Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, and Bridgestone to name a few. Pirelli and Bridgestone are head to head when it comes to motorcycle racing slicks. All companies design the tires to have the maximum performance time. Close attention is paid to the wear and gripping of the tire to make it competition ready.

Where to buy motorcycle racing tires?

Racing tires for motorcycles don’t lounge around at a lot of shops. The easiest way to track them near you is using the dealer locator on any manufacturer’s website. As these tires are more expensive than regular tires very few stores, house them. Shops specific to racing equipment can carry such tires.

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