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tire manufacturer in the overview

Today many tire manufacturers are represented on the market. In addition to established brands such as Pirelli , Bridgestone , Michelin or Dunlop also increasingly less known manufacturers such as occur Toyo or Apollo limelight. Current tire tests prove but still: The tire models of the Premium manufacturers usually offer better performance than the tires of unknown manufacturers.

Premium manufacturer convince in current tire tests

The global tire market is dominated by five major tire manufacturers dominated: Continental , Bridgestone, Goodyear , Michelin and Pirelli. These sell their products under various brand names, including such well-known formats like Metzeler (Pirelli Group), Fulda , Dunlop, Falken (all Goodyear Group), BF Goodrich (Michelin Group), Barum , Uniroyal and Semperit (all Continental Corporation) belong.

The dominance of the "Big Five" is also expressed in the relevant tire tests by ADAC, Auto Bild or GTÜ. Thus, the products of the premium tire manufacturers the front runners occupy regularly. In addition, however, other brand producers like have Nokian , Yokohama or Hankook established due to the release of several high-quality tire models on the market. Cheap tire manufacturer can convince rare here. However, there are exceptions: For the GTÜ and ACE Examiner rated summer tire test 2013, the unknown models Falken ZE 914 ZIEX and Apollo Alnac 4G with "recommended" rating.

tire manufacturers and distributors are crucial for the price

How much a set of new car tires is ultimately sold, depends on the quality of the tire manufacturer also on the conditions of the individual tire dealer. So there is no uniform standard price lists in the field of automotive parts. Rather, aspects such as the size of company or the delivery of a tire shops with crucial. To this quality and at the same time to find cheap products, an online price comparison very good service. Such offers Tires-online.net: Now select just the desired tire manufacturer and you can easily get the lowest rates of the respective tire range always applies at the end though: Better a few euros more in quality products leading tire manufacturer to invest, as with inferior cheap tires endanger road safety.

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