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Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires are designed with a very simple function in mind, to grip onto the asphalt as hard as possible. There are a variety of models of tires to be purchased for a motorcycle ranging from condition-specific tires – like snow tires, performance-based tires – such as Ultra High-Performance UHP tires, or with tread life function – to allow the vehicle to commute longer distances.

However, motor tires aren’t sold specifically for function. There are multiple upgrade kits available that focus solely on looks and glimmer. The invest you want to be put into a new set of tires depends on your motorcycle. As different models have different rim sizes, there are chances that within the same tire line there will be a large gap between the prices of two different rim size tires.

Different Motorcycle tire sizes

The front and rear tires of motorcycles are designed differently and because of this there sizes vary slightly. Motorcycle front tire is designed to steer. It is slightly smaller in width to make them more nimble. Motorcycle rear tire is designed to transmit all the power to the road. The width of the tire have more surface area for gripping. Simultaneously the tires are ensuring a firm grip on the road to prevent skidding.

The difference in the size of the rims relies on which type of motorcycle you own. Dirt bikes will have roughly the same rim size. Heavy bikes will have larger tires with the front rim slightly narrower than the rear. Choppers will have a more noticeable difference in the front and rear rims and a thinner tire sidewall. Custom built bikes can go either way with the rim sizes depending on their built function.

Where to buy Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires are available for purchase from motorcycle tire shop, large retail chain stores, and available online. Going to a motorcycle tire store is the best place to buy motorcycle tires, in one place you can purchase the tires and have them replaced. Some shops even offer a discount for new tires when you hand in your old tires.

The Large retail store carries tires from different manufacturers. The only problem generally sets that are stocked in such stores are for quick sale. There can be problems finding the right set for your motorcycle. At the same time, these stores make price comparison easier but require you to be there.

Motorcycle tires online can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep. Online research can be the best way to find the right tire for you. Some sites have side by side comparison of different tires. Most manufacturers have a dealership finder to give you the closest place to buy their tires. To buy motorcycle tires online, you don’t have to go to a third party vendor site. Some brands have online purchase available through their own websites or their authorized vendors.

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Motorcycle tire prices

The price of a new set of tires will depend on the make and model of your motorcycle and the make and model of the tires you want to get. Motorcycle tire brands like Bridgestone and Michelin are considered to be on the more expensive end of the scale. The problem is all manufacturers try to create a vast range of products. The more expensive products are advertised vigorously, and the more affordable set hides under the shadow.

Cheap motorcycle tires are cheaper to other sets in comparison. There is no magic set of tires that will leave you with a large sum of change. To get the most out of your buy figure out what do the tires have to do for you. The different uses can be commuting, highway driving, performance-driven, or a long road trip. The best motorcycle tires for you ultimately is a combination of requirement and budget.

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