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175 60 R15 All-Season tires for cars

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For Alljahresspurt - the 175 60 R15 all-season tires

be all year round on the same tires on the road - for all-season or all-weather tires are even difficult weather conditions no problem. Through mud and snow or on hot asphalt they hunt, and intend doing a whole lot of grip. The all-season tires convince with their balanced running and handling characteristics - every season. The tires 175 60 R15-dimensional master all seasons - spring, summer, autumn or winter.

With weather tire carefree through the year

Without the hassle and costly retooling, driving is safely and confidently to 175 60 R15 all-season tires on mud and snow. Although they extend to the grip of winter tires not quite, but there are the all-season tires in the tough tests usually in the middle and are thus nevertheless still better than many of their specially made for winter counterparts. The narrow tire width of 175 60 R15 all-season tires is on snow and wet roads their strength: Less aquaplaning and Slushplaning contrasting with the low grip in the ground - but lengthens the stopping distance. In the summer is the fuel consumption of the all-weather tire slightly higher than those for summer tires, which do, however, compensate the narrow tire width of 175 60 R15 all-season tires.

Temperate weather conditions

Who moves on roads that remain largely spared severe onset of winter, which is know to cope with the arising there snow on the 175 60 R15 all-season tires. If not particularly sporty driving style or normal motorized vehicles 175 60 R15 all-season tires are a good choice. For the adhesion to the substrate is less optimal than with wide tires because of their tire dimension and they can lose traction even in heavy acceleration.

However, the favorite of motorists it is certainly - 175 60 R15 all-season tires. For easy to use, with good and smooth running characteristics make it a real all-rounder. The all-season tires copes with difficult weather conditions masters and always runs this safe. In the trendy Kromag rims also the all-weather tires makes a really good figure.

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