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185 55 R15 All-Season tires for cars

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Versatile all-weather tires: 185 55 R15 all-season tires

Weather tire for the compact class and the lower middle class: these are 185 55 R15 all-season tires. Weather tires feature a special tread design and very thermally stable treads that have to prove themselves both on hot summer days as well as ice and snow.

The distinguished 185 55 R15 all-season tires

Most cars allow choosing the right tire size a little leeway. So many drivers can both 185 55 R15 all-season tires or all-weather tires in the dimension 185 60 R15 decide. It is important that the selected size is recorded in the vehicle registration certificate. 185 55 R15 all-season tires are 185 mm wide, the ratio of width and height is 55 percent and the diameter of 15 inches. So it is relatively compact all-weather tires, which are particularly impressive with a comfortable ride.

Winter Suitable only with M + S symbol

For winter tires as well as all-season tires applies: In order to be driven in snow and slush, the tires need the M + S symbol. In addition, a minimum is tread depth of 1.6 mm prescribed. to observe these requirements, not only increases safety, but is also important so that the insurance coverage is maintained. 185 55 R15 all-season tires are available in different price segments. This includes the brand Vredestein tires that can convince image in the test car, as well as the Hankook-weather tire .

Motorists have at 185 55 R15 all-season tires free choice: Cheap tires, tire brand and premium tires are the weather segment to choose from. For winter use should be paid to the M + S symbol, then the all-season tires that are most suitable for the whole year.

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