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185 65 R14 All-Season tires for cars

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Consistent Grip - with 185 65 R14 all-season tires

On the all-season tires, it goes through thick and thin. The 185 65 R14 all-season tires meet all seasons safely and with a lot of grip. Snow, mud, rain and dry asphalt cope with the weather tire almost playful and always present themselves - whether in summer or in winter - with a balanced driving behavior. The justifiably popular tire size makes any weather.

All-season tires - one for all

Sovereign move of 185 65 R14 all-season tires through all weather conditions. Equipped with excellent running properties make the All-season tires driving on any surface for safe routine. The 185er tires and does well on 14-inch steel and aluminum wheels particularly noble. For city dwellers and those who drive less, the all-season tires are a good choice. Even those who can do without during heavy winter weather on the car or living in the lowlands, which is well served with all-season tires. The tire width of only 185mm stands in rain and slush by a reduced aquaplaning or Slushplaning risk from, but said - is expected to longer braking distance - towards a wider tires.

Make way for the all-season tires

Sophisticated and efficient they are all. The models of Kumho convince so with their smooth running characteristics as with their good durability. The all-season tires are characterized by many advantages, because every street Document suits them and always - and usually also in the endurance tests - they fight in the middle group of strong and specially equipped competitors. Even with the smaller tires of 185 65 R14 all-season tires is a sporty driving style possible, but with particularly powerful engine is to pay attention to additional vehicle systems such as ABS, ASR, thus a constant traction control and ensures correction is.

The 185 65 R14 all-season tires present themselves as all-rounder - with good handling characteristics and much flexibility. The all-weather tires is an inexpensive and convenient way for those who can rely on cleared roads in winter. With the relatively narrow tire width of 185 65 R14 all-season tires of the single pressure per square centimeter is high, making the weather tires can dig deeper and more intense in the snow itself.

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