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205 60 R16 All-Season tires for cars

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205 60 R16 all-season tires: Safe on the road in any weather

All-season tires are a cheap and practical alternative to summer and winter tires. As 205 60 R16 all-season tires, the tires are also convincing by a high level of comfort. Are best suited to car tires this size for compact and medium range cars such as the Audi A3, BMW 335i or Mazda MX. 5

Comfortable weather tire for compact and medium range

Whether on sunny summer days or cold and snowy winter evenings with the right tires is a safe journey guaranteed. It is next to the rubber compound and tread pattern especially the dimension. With 205 60 R16 all-season tires to motorists secure high-traction all season tire with excellent braking and steering characteristics, inspire also the subject of comfort. The tire width of 205 mm ensures good traction in all weather conditions. This is partly due to the high surface pressure: The tread is lowered to snow-covered ground deeply, whereby the profile can optimally engage. Secondly, the rolling resistance is so high that the tire on dry asphalt has a good grip.

Low fuel consumption thanks to the all-season tires Hankook

The comfort of a tire it is determined on the amount. With a ratio of 60 have 205 60 R16 all-season tires on a thick air cushion. For smaller and larger bumps on the road this cushion dampens both vehicle and driver, thus ensuring a smooth running. Excellent 205 60 R16 all-season tires, which also delight in fuel consumption, the Hankook Optimo 4S H730 . The quality tires from Hankook are given in wet grip and energy efficiency respectively with Class C (AG). The maximum speed of the all-season tire is 210 km / h.

The dimensions 205 60 R16 all-season tires as is driving strong allround Pneus Convincing in all weather conditions with a first-class performance. In addition to driving the tires also score on ride comfort and ensure a smooth running and low rolling noise.

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