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215 60 R17 All-Season tires for cars

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215 60 R17 all-season tires: Economic comfort tire for any weather

Good handling and a comfortable ride distinguish 215 60 R17 all-season tires. In addition, the tires provide a solid appearance to small and compact cars like Fiat Panda, Mercedes C-Class or Audi A3.

More comfort with thicker rubber layer

The dimensions of a car tire to determine the basic characteristics with which the tire is fitted. These basic properties can be optimized in the further development and production processes or by using the rubber compound and the tread pattern. 215 60 R17 all-season tires are shipped with a large tire height, which has a positive effect on the driving comfort. The reason for this is that the height increases the thickness of the rubber layer. Since rubber is elastic vibrations are damped better while driving. Furthermore own 215 60 R17 all-season tires, a tire width of 215 millimeters . This provides sufficient traction in snow, rain and sunshine, ensuring an appealing economy of all-season tires . This is due to the rolling resistance of tires.

Two all-season tires with excellent driving characteristics

Particularly good with the tire series Nankang N 607 AS from in wet grip. In EU tire label these with the class B (AG) is marked. Open to the tires for a top speed of 240 km / h. Slightly worse in wet grip, for the better in energy efficiency is the Nexen N PRIZ 4S . The fuel consumption and wet grip each have the class C. Persuasion can 215 60 R17 all-season tires Nexen also by its price, which far car tires is lower than the other Nankang. The maximum speed of Nexen N PRIZ 4S is 210 km / h. Width-recommended models are the Dunlop SP 4 All Seasons and the Hankook Optimo 4S H730 .

The 215 60 R17 all-season tires are comfortable, strong and fuel-efficient. Who is looking for good tires for its small or compact car, should choose 607 AS or Nexen N PRIZ 4S for the Nankang N.

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