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225 55 R16 All-Season tires for cars

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225 55 R16 all-season tires

Motorists wishing to waive the statutory change tires during the winter season, use all-season tires. The special feature: all-season tires are ready for use in any weather. They allow good grip and braking response on dry and wet roads and are also extremely reliable on snowy surfaces at low temperatures. An all-season tire combines the main features of summer and winter tires.

225 55 R16 all-season tires for 16-inch wheels

With all-season tires of the dimension 225 55 R16 drivers can be throughout the year without any worries. They are suitable for any weather and road situation and can be used with virtually all car classes. At first glance, they differ little from other tire models. The number 225 represents the section width in millimeters. The tire height is denoted by the second number 55 (percent ratio of height to width). "R" stands for radial tires, 16 denotes the diameter of the rim in inches. In principle, the same markings as per normal summer or winter tires are used. The main difference is of course in the tread. In an all-weather tire this has a special profile, which ensures in all weather conditions for excellent performance. The combination of multiple grooves and special sipes allows 225 55 R16 all-season tires such properties.

Suitable for all weather conditions

It does not matter if it is hot outside and dry, or at least cold and smooth. With 225 55 R16 all-season tires mounted on 16-inch wheels are fitted, drivers can travel safely. Numerous tests prove that all-season tires, also called weather tire, ensuring excellent performance in any situation. These tires are of course tested under specific conditions. Snow, ice, heated asphalt and wet come sequentially prior to the test tracks. Therefore, the reliability of such tires is particularly high. The show also known as tire manufacturer Dunlop . This brand has several models of all-weather tires on offer.

All-season tires provide high performance and security throughout the year. They are available in all standard sizes and for almost all vehicle models. Motorists have the 16-inch wheels on their vehicles can, 225 55 Mount R16 all-season tires and drive carefree in any weather.

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