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245 70 R16 All-Season tires for cars

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245 70 R16 all-season tires: comfortable ride for SUVs and Allrader

A high level of comfort and safety features, the dimension 245 70 R16 all-season tires as. Whether on snowy roads or heated by the summer sun highways, the tires guarantee optimal handling characteristics in any weather.

Optimal driving performance in any weather

245 70 R16 all-season tires are used mainly in SUV & Allrader-range use. Through its large tread confers car tires the car a sportier appearance. But most of all the features of the 245 70 R16 all-season tires are convincing: Here the wide tread for optimal traction, thereby handling, traction and braking performance can be greatly improved, makes. With a tire height of 171.5 millimeters (245 mm * 0.7) also provide the tires excellent driving comfort. The reason for this is that the tire height, the thickness of the damping rubber layer increases the tire. For the heavyweight SUVs as is strictly necessary.

Short braking distances and accurate steering behavior

Who in particular value on a tire with excellent handling, is the Nankang N 607 AS well advised as 245 70 R16 all-season tires. The high quality car tires are marked with the wet grip with Class B (AG). In relative terms, means that a vehicle with tires of class F during emergency braking (80 km / h) on a wet road has up to 15 meters longer braking distance. The Nankang N 607 AS particular attention is paid to safety, but the ride comfort is excellent. On the one hand are Ganzjahresreifen very smoothly and secondly they hardly produce external rolling noise. In EU tire label, the tire noise are indicated by 71 decibels.

245 70 R16 all-season tires are a good choice for drivers with a high standard of comfort and driving performance. The tires convince every season by excellent braking, precise handling and plenty of traction strength. Recommended are the Nankang N 607 AS in this size.

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