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Nexen Ganzjahresreifen: Asian quality work

The requirements for all-year tires are great. You must come with changing surfaces, different vehicles and extreme weather conditions cope. The Nexen Ganzjahresreifen have in this regard proved to be quality products. Numerous mergers in Asia you have done so.

About Nexen: From Korea to Japan

The lettering Nexen rarely seen in this country on car tires, even if it has the house still managed to become more popular and him predict many experts, the future of the tire manufacturer could even be one of the leading companies in North America and Europe. Nexen originates as well Kumho in Korea, was established there in the south already in the 50s. The company therefore is the oldest tire manufacturers in Korea. Later the house merged with some other Asian companies. Significant was a merger with a large Japanese corporation. Nexen Ganzjahresreifen and the other models of the house thus originate from the accumulated knowledge of different Asian manufacturers.

Nexen Ganzjahresreifen: Durable and low

The house has used this opportunity to customize Nexen Ganzjahresreifen of particularly high quality. The models from Asia are regarded as particularly durable and prove to many years in combination with the right rim as reliable companions. Particularly well suited they are for smaller vehicles, but there are also special models which have been designed for larger vehicles and transport traffic. In this country fall Nexen Ganzjahresreifen the most positive impact on, because they are also extremely low. Despite the shipping and customs Nexen Ganzjahresreifen rank much at the lower end of the pricing table.

Ganzjahresreifen rid of constant change between winter and summer tires. The demands on them are therefore high: they must be durable and able to deal with extreme conditions. Nexen Ganzjahresreifen these claims fully meets. They are produced mainly in the main factory in Korea, but their quality is the result of numerous mergers in Asia who Nexen made increasingly.


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    • 225/60 R17 98H
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