Metzeler MC360™ for motocross

MC 360™ is the new range of METZELER products dedicated to Motocross, Supercross, Cross-country, and non-FIM Enduro. MC360™ is available in 2 technical specifications named MID SOFT and MID HARD . MC 360™ MID SOFT is the optimal choice for soft terrains.

Main features:

  • High level of traction, dynamic performance on most terrains, remarkable resistance to cuts and tearing
  • New compounds 100% carbon black improving tearing resistance and providing excellent performance and stability
  • Alternated cut knobs for progressive cornering action.
  • Parabola-shaped center knobs maximizing carving and traction on soft and mid-soft terrain.
  • Optimal directional and steering feeling.
  • Street legal range to ride both on dirt and on road


METZELER MC360™MID SOFT and MID HARD provide a high-level of dynamic performance on several terrains, by maximizing cornering grip and traction, providing a remarkable durability and resistance against cuts and tearing.

All MC360™ fitments have been tested to be easy-to-use. They allow riders to express their maximum potential and have fun. They improve rider’s confidence to put to test their capabilities and skills. The entire METZELER MC360™ range is street-legal for dimensional and integrity requirements. All tires have reversible tread pattern to prolong tires life, allowing the rider to maintain a “fresh” edge from one ride to the next. Both motocross and enduro sizes are available and mixed fitments can be used to suit your needs and your bike. 


In order to ensure high-level Motocross applications, providing cross-country and enduro-like capabilities, the structure of METZELER MC360™ is a high module, low shrinkage tri-ply made of strong and impact-resistant polyethylene. This allows each tire to maintain a good balance between softness and toughness. Softness helps absorbing bumps when tackling obstacles like rocks, roots, and hills while toughness is required in order to fight fatigue and deformations during obstacle absorption. PET structure gives the best performance and price balance.


The polymers and ingredients used to develop METZELER MC360™ achieve 2 main targets:

Motocross performance:

• Specific values of knob’s stiffness, adapted to the front and rear tread patterns for each specification to adapt to each condition for high-level dynamic performances.

• Maximum resistance to heating and dynamic stress, in order to ensure a constant performance through the race or training session.

Durability, tearing, cuts and puncture resistance, capitalizing on METZELER’s expertise in racing enduro


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