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With over a century of motor racing experience and modern-day inno- vation Dunlop is the perfect Original Equipment partner. We support most car manufacturers with specially engineered and tested OE tires that fit their needs perfectly. Our ethos of taking innovation and technology from racetrack to road has made Dunlop OE tires very attractive and helped to develop partnerships with Mercedes-AMG, Audi, BMW, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Volkswagen and many, many more.


The right Tire will help deliver optimised driving experience, after all the Tire was built for the car...

• To deliver optimised vehicle performance and ride

• And are a crucial component part of the vehicle

They’re the only contact your vehicle has with the road surface and as such, greatly influence the driving performance your customer experiences.


In a straight line tires connect you to the road with the contact area of four handprints. When cornering your contact area reduces to just four thumbprints.

Some of the factors affecting Tire design:

• Handling – Dry/Wet/Stability/ Steering Feel and Response

• Treadwear – Wear/Rates/Regularity

• Noise – Smooth/Rough Surfaces/Cabin/Pass-by

• Ride Comfort – Impacts/Harshness/Flat Spotting

• Braking – Dry and Wet

• Rolling Resistance – Fuel Efficiency


You can trust Dunlop to provide you with a range of innovative highly engineered Tires bespoke- built to help your customer retain vehicle and ride performance and integrity.


A lot goes into a Tire at the The Dunlop Research and Development Laboratory For example, a Tire that performs well in the wet AND in the dry and a Tire that delivers fuel efficiency but also lasts a long time. A Tire has to deliver performance in conflicting design and development areas. 200+ different materials and components to choose from for the Tire.


We have successfully created tires that stand out in performance. Here are some impressive firsts:

  • 1st pneumatic tire invented by John Boyd Dunlop in 1888
  • 1st place at 24 Hours Le Mans – for an astonishing 34 times – more than any other tire manufacturer

Dunlop has a remarkable history of innovation  

  • 1962: The discovery of aquaplaning a breakthrough which allows tires to maintain grip at high speed on wet roads.
  • 1972: RunOnFlat Technology is pioneered by Dunlop with major OEM's – allowing vehicles to continue driving after a blowout.
  • 2014: Noise Shield Technology – designed to significantly reduce vehicle noise by up to 50% 

Dunlop does everything to ensure quality, and then some 

3 - The standardised tire label introduced by EU regulation will inform you of three tire performance attributes.

15 - Independent magazine surveys specify and test a total of 15 criteria

50 -  Dunlop’s tire engineers test over 50 performance parameters in order to innovate on premium tires.

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