About Nankang

NANKANG is proud of Nankang's quality products produced over the years. Yet they never cease to pursue excellence in both Nankang's R&D and manufacturing processes.

Over 55 years of industrious works on road safety 

Nankang Rubber Tire's heritage runs deep ; having the longest history among the tire manufacturers in Taiwan. For over 55 years, guided by Nankang's corporate motto, "Integrity, Pragmatism, and Innovation", they have persisted in creating performance and growth. In response to increasingly discerning market demands, they have striving aggressively towards Nankang's goals of "product innovation with R&D, differentiation from competition, product quality upgrading, customer satisfaction, after-sale service and professional management", in order to offer more and more innovative products.

Over 55 Years of Honor and Recognition, Winning Numerous Awards

Nankang's continuous efforts in keepig up with the advancement of technology and product quality control have proven to be fruitful, not only in developing many innovative and durable products, but also brining us numerous global awards in quality assuance.

Over 55 Years of Business Splendor, High Time to Turn a New Page

Nankang Rubber Tire's corporate logo has been in use for more than 55 years. Facing increasingly fierce competition from the global tire industry and considering the trend of corporate reforms, in 2010 Nankang embarked upon a review of its corporate identity system “CIS”. Through this new project, they aim to build a new Nankang Tire brand image, of world standard. Being able to keep up with the times, the company will proudly move on to the next splendid century of its corporate history.

Mastering the Colorful World Stage with a New CIS

A passionate yet stead fast symbol, the N, represents Nankang Rubber Tire’s sustainable business philosophy, and her corporate spirit. Care for the customer is always of paramount importance.

The CIS employs a duo color combination of red and black. The Red color expresses Nankang’s corporate spirit of high passion, respect for customers, energy and vitality. The Black color highlights the strength and stability of her tire business and represents an image of generosity, grandeur, professionalism and trustworthiness.

Whether it be for cruising the highway, striding over an icescape, or conquering a dilapidated off-road track, for Over 55 years, Nankang Tire has offered drivers safe innovative motoring, with a spirit as unbreakable as the tires he manufactures.

From her humble beginnings, Nankang has advanced across five continents, and covered more than 100 countries globally. From tire industry leader in Taiwan, Nankang is now steadily driving her way onto the global stage with unlimited opportunity.

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