Driving comfort for professional use

The Nordic non-studded winter tyre, Nokian Hakkapeliitta CR3, is developed for versatile use on delivery vehicles and vans. It provides excellent winter grip and driving comfort.

  • Excellent winter grip
  • Commendable wear resistance, pleasantly quiet
  • Saves on fuel, eco-friendly

First-class winter grip, more precise handling. Nokian Cryo Crystal Concept. Diamond-tough grip particles that have the appearance of a multi-edged crystal have been added to the rubber compound in order to improve grip on ice by grabbing onto the driving surface.

Optimal grip and handling. The aggressive tread pattern is covered by a denser sipe mesh. Wider individual sipes provide much-needed grip surface, especially when friction is at its lowest on wet ice.

More wet and ice grip. The pocket-type sipes on the tyre shoulder remove, or even pump, water out of the road surface, ensuring stable and sure grip. The patented pump sipes improve grip on wet and icy surfaces.

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