The New Battlecruise H50, a tyre built specifically to perform on your American V-Twin

At Bridgestone, we know that every detail of your American V-Twin matters: the way it rides, the way it sounds, the way it looks, how it’s built. Because when everything beneath you is working together, it’s a feeling like no other. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Battlecruise H50, a tire built specifically to perform on your American V-Twin. Using advanced technology and the highest quality components, the Battlecruise H50 lets you fully connect with the road, giving you great handling on both wet and dry surfaces. With long treadwear and great grip, it’s a tire built to let you enjoy your ride with full confidence.

Product concept

American V-Twin tires which bring you the satisfaction and accomplishment while enjoying the freedom on the roads during a maximum lifespan.

Technical aims

Propose a tire best in class on the real needs of a American V-twin user together with a high end performance package that lasts over time.


Focus on :

  • Mileage and tread wear
  • Grip on dry and wet Surface
  • Handling

Technical elements

  • NEW compound
  • NEW profile design
  • Use of Ultimate Eye

Main feature

A superb combination of handling performance and great grip on both wet and dry surface with a overpassing mileage performance.


  • Long lasting
  • High cornering power
  • Easy and precise handling
  • Safe grip feeling on both dry and wet

Ultimate eye

Ultimate EYE (U-EYE) is the newly developed indoor testing facility by Bridgestone Research and Development group. Bridgestone’s new Battlecruise H50 is the second tire (after last year introduced Hypersport S21 tire) to benefit from this.

What is it ?

  • U-EYE allows visualization of the contact behaviour of a tire under various speeds and conditions.
  • U-EYE analysis helps to find the best solutions regarding the optimum combination of compound, tread design, construction and tire profile.
  • Gives a very detailed contact patch pressure distribution including slip area at various speeds, loads and slip angles.

Rear tire

Designed to optimize the slip and adhesion part of rubber on the surface


Together with the newly developed compound, the new Battlecruise H50 is meant to last almost twice as long as the main competitor.

Front contact behaviour

H50 front has been developed in order to uniform the contact pressure distribution on top of having a bigger contact patch.


Higher cornering power :

  • Less force needed to handle your heavy American V-twin
  • Easy and precise cornering

Steering force

In order to show how great our performance is in terms of handling performance, tests have been conducted to determine the steering force needed on a defined track.


The operating force exercised on the handlebar on the defined track with Battlecruise H50 is on average more than 40% less vs main competitor. Which results in a easy handling performance.

Front tire construction

On top of the great handling performance it is necessary to be able to enjoy this on long trips as well. The development of the front tire has been focused on the vertical stiffness of the construction.


  • Strategic reinforcement on the carcass & envelope
  • The right balance between rigidity and shock absorption


  • Improved vibration damping
  • Higher shock absorption

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