Winter 4x4/Suv Range

Modern SUV design is developing at such pace that its performance is beginning to match that of smaller, sportier cars. Look no further than the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5 and you’ll realise that thrilling driving is no longer confined to the realm of traditional sports cars. For this precise reason, every Dunlop SUV tire is designed to deliver a responsive, exciting drive for every car on every road. This section outlines the range available, highlighting features and benefits as well as the sizes available.


The Winter Sport 5 comes now in SUV optimized sizes to give you unique grip and performance on winter roads.

Features and benefits:

  • Enhanced performance on snow-covered roads.  Optimized geometry leading to increased block rigidity and therefore uniform pressure distribution.
  • Supreme lateral grip on slippery surfaces.  Center sipes, now parallel to block edges, increase in length and improve their ability to open and grab onto surfaces.
  • Aquaplaning defense (water and slush).  Volume of water that can be evacuated is increased. 
  • Improved fuel efficiency. 


Dunlop’s Grandtrek Touring A/S is a high performance SUV tire that delivers superb control in all weather conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • Stability and comfort. The tread design is optimised for smooth handling and driving comfort in all weather conditions
  • Enhanced grip on corners. The Grandtrek Touring A/S features a stiff shoulder area that adds extra cornering grip when moving from straight to curves.

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