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165 70 R13 Summer tires for cars

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165 70 R13 summer tires: Excellent performance for compact cars

The tire size 165 70 R13 summer tires as designed for cars and is characterized by a good driving performance and low fuel consumption. Tire model in this size offered by a variety of well-known manufacturers such as Michelin, Pirelli or Yokohama.

Low fuel consumption and high driving comfort

Both wet and dry surfaces ensure 165 70 R13 summer tires for maximum security. Due to the narrow tread of car tires , the risk of aquaplaning is extremely low. For the energy efficiency of car tires is better, which has a low fuel consumption and high mileage performance. Summer tires of size 165 70 R13 also provide a very comfortable ride. This is due to the large tire height and the small inner diameter which cause the tire consists of a lot of cushioning rubber. 165 70 R13 summer tires look optically best on small cars like the Fiat Panda or Citroen C3.

Width outer plates for improved braking ability

The series Continental ContiEcoContact 3 as a 165 70 R13 summer tires scores with a superb wet grip and acceptable energy efficiency. Thanks to the grooved-blade profile, the tires have excellent grip in all weather conditions. Directional grooves disperse water and slush effectively and guarantee high traction. Width outer disk also improve braking performance and driving stability. The rubber compound of 165 70 R13 summer tires from Continental is optimally adapted to the conditions in the summer. In EU tire label wet grip of the tires with the Class B (AG) is specified. The rolling noise impress with a low level of 70 decibels. The Continental tires have the speed index T (up to 190 km / h)

Economical and comfortable presents the dimensions 165 70 R13 than summer tires. Add to this the excellent driving characteristics on wet and dry, so that the tires are an excellent choice for small cars.

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