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The Goodyear Eagle LS2 - the luxury all-rounder for the whole year

Few tires, especially in the segment of all-season tires , combine comfort and safety to such a high level as the Goodyear Eagle LS2. That makes it an absolute luxury allrounder for all seasons and all occasions.

Top performance in virtually all tests

Many tests have demonstrated the Goodyear Eagle LS2 its high performance in all relevant areas: the grip and braking performance on dry roads are excellent, next to sets of Goodyear Eagle LS2 but also on wet surface exactly the same performance out. And, more importantly, on snow performance Goodyear is virtually no worse than in summer road conditions. So he's something like the perfect combination of summer and winter tires in one. Particularly high ratings reaped the Goodyear Eagle LS2 will range comfort one: The rolling noise of the tire satisfy the highest demands, noise, both indoors and outdoors makes this tire actually be to luxury tires. The fact that the riding comfort is not inferior, goes almost without saying.

Goodyear as a top brand

Goodyear is one of the world's most established tire manufacturers, which is primarily known for its high quality. This goes so far that many smaller tire manufacturers today use Goodyear technology to bring the quality of the tires produced by them at a similarly high level. The range of Goodyear includes not only car tires , but also tires for trucks, motorcycles and special vehicles. The quality of Goodyear tires can thereby trust unconditionally in all areas, which is also due to the advanced technology in the production and the uncompromising quality understanding of the brand. Also on Goodyear Eagle LS2 recognizes the technological superiority of the tire manufacturer and its strict quality guidelines, which can only really excellent tires come on the market with high performance and high comfort.

The Goodyear Eagle LS2 is the best choice when it comes to an all-season tire with high comfort and excellent safety performance.

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