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Nokian summer tires: Finnish quality from the market leader

The company Nokian is one of the most famous tire manufacturers in the world. In the field of forestry tires for the house is the world market leader. But the group has become known in Europe and in North America primarily for its cheap and reliable summer tire that rival the also extremely high quality winter tires into nothing.

Nokian summer tires: A manufacturer's small profile

Actually, in the company name Nokian an "N" too much. The house has been named after his hometown. However, the well-known mobile phone company Nokia had already taken the name, which is why "Nokian" had to be from the tire manufacturers. The Group currently employs 2,500 people and is Scandinavia's leading tire manufacturer. From the first day of the operation baked this car tires, but also SUV Reifenund agricultural models were already early highly valued. In the normal vehicles, customers first had only a glance for the winter tires, because they were much used in Finland. But it quickly became apparent that Nokian is also a premier manufacturer of summer tires.

The qualities of the Nokian summer tires

Nokian summer tires are distinguished in particular by the fact that they have a very clever profile that can adapt to all driving situations without major difficulties. Nokian summer tires are now able to deal with extremely variable conditions. They can tolerate extreme cold as well as extreme heat. For German drivers also very important: The tires are also extremely good when it comes to dealing with autumnal wet. Reliable wear from larger masses of water from the road.

Those who opt for Nokian summer tires, makes in any case a superb grip. The Finns, who are responsible for the tires already for decades in the market and have used this time to distinguish itself as one of the best tire manufacturer ever. The particular strength of Nokian summer tires is their ability to deal with highly variable conditions.

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