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Knowing Your 195 65 r15 Tires

Primarily, there are two types of 195 65 r15 car tire. There are those that are used by cars in the winter, where the tires are built for performance. Then, there are the 195 65 15 tires that are built for cars to use in the summer, and they are built for urban mobility. The winter tires have above-average adhesion to the road and make for a very safe driving experience.

Your 195 65 15 inches summer tires are very well priced and focus mostly on fuel economy and ease of control. The summer tires may not win any awards for pushing the boundaries, but they are well priced, serviceable, and good for people who respect their vehicle and their tires. Also, in terms of fuel performance and comfort, 195 65 r15 tires are high performers.

Your 195 65 r15 tires are determined as such:

  • 195 is the width of your tires in mm
  • 65 is the aspect ratio (ratio of height to width)
  • r15 is the diameter of your wheel in inches measured by the size of the rim
  • R means this is a radial tire

195 65 r15 Special Features

The winter touring tires are safe on any type of professionally-made road, so perhaps stay off the dirt roads. Your 195 r65 15 tires offer excellent performance in the winter, and there is a complete range of 195 65r15 tire diameter tires, from standard car tires to SUV and crossover segment. There is a wide marketplace for 195 65 15 inch tires, which means you get a look the of choice when it comes to tread levels and wear quality.

As for summer urban 195 r65 15 tires, the latest materials are used to ensure the tires last as long as possible without a noticeable dip in tire quality. The tread patterns and their build means they last a long time if they are cared for, which includes not braking too hard, not under/over inflating the tires, and treating them with respect when you drive. These types of 195 r65 15 tires summer tires are good, but they cannot take much punishment. Mistreat them, and they lose their performance values very quickly.

How To Get The Most Out of Your 195 65 r15 Tires

In the old days, low-cost tires meant they wouldn’t last very long no matter what you did. However, these days, your low-cost and low-to-mid range priced tires can last a good long while if you take care of them and do not abuse them. You can get the most out of these tires by driving carefully and taking care of them.

Stick to urban roads and be sure not to overload your vehicle because it will cause excessive wearing. These tires are very well made, despite their low cost, but you can help extend their lives by rotating your tires when necessary, and by making sure your wheels are correctly balanced during your next vehicle service.

Getting The Best 195 65 15 Tires

Even the cheapest 195 65 r15 tires are serviceable. It is actually more economical to buy them new at a low price than it is to buy them second hand. You will notice that 195 65 r15 tires prices are on the low-price-ranged side, which often means they are not very durable. However, if you find 195 65 r15 tires for sale, and you treat them with respect, and you do not use them off, then they will last a good long time. When it comes to 195 65 r15 tires, you get the best value for money when you treat them well and take good care of them.

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