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225 60 R16 - laufstarke comfort tires for cars and vans

tires with a high flank height as the dimension 225 60 R16 offer a blend of ride comfort and traction strength. The tires are designed for 16-inch wheels, which favor a low rolling resistance and low fuel consumption.

Summer, winter and all-season tires in size 225 60 R16

tires with the dimension 225 60 R16 feature a wide contact area which provides improved traction. This is partly because that softer rubber compounds used for tire with wide contact patch. This provides increased traction, short braking distances and precise handling on wet and dry roads. Through the relatively large flank height of the tire also a high level of driving comfort is given. 225 60 R16 tires are available as summer and winter all-season tires. Many well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Pirelli or Michelin guide the size in their range. Priced to move car tires this dimension between 50 and 200 euros.

From spritsparendem Transporter tires for fast cars Pneu

A true all-rounder is the Continental Vanco Eco in the dimension 225 60 R16. The quality tire is suitable for caravans and vans and tailored to the respective requirements. A low fuel consumption, high mileage and balanced handling characteristics distinguish the tire series. According to the EU tire label of Vanco Eco Continental in energy efficiency and wet grip is each in class B. Approved the tire for a top speed of 190 km / h. Is somewhat more favorable the series Toyo Proxes CF1 . The tires for the car also achieved a good performance in all areas. The top speed is 270 km / h.

With 225 60 R16 tires, a car or van owners for excellent traction and comfortable Pneus decides. The selection of different models and manufacturers is large and an appropriate series is available for every budget.

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