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All about tires in the dimension 215 55 R17

Which tires are suitable for your own car? Furthermore are the vehicle registration information. Usually have motorists a little leeway to choose a suitable size. For medium-sized cars, the dimension 215 55 R17 is often chosen. Sporty look at matching rims and good handling are the hallmark of this tire size.

That is the answer 215 55 R17

What makes tires of the dimension 215 55 R17? They belong to the radial tire , that's what the R in the dimension bar. Moreover, they are 215 mm wide, therefore one of the more moderate wide tires for the middle class. The number 55 stands for the percentage ratio of width and height tires, also the tires have a diameter of 17 inches, converted 43.18 cm. Offered are tires in this size both as summer tires such as winter tires, some manufacturers also Ganzjahresreifen lead the assortment.

Wide range of sports tires

From cheap tires to premium Markenpneu - tires sized 215 55 R17 are available in many different price segments. Even more important than the price, however, is the fact how innovative the tires in practice; not always the most expensive tires are also the best. In tests cut both summer tires and winter tires from Pirelli in the corresponding dimension from good. Since the wide tires have good road holding and a comfortable relationship with the diameter, it may be driven with very high speeds. Some models are even allowed to Speed ​​Class W, which allows a speed of 270 km / h.

tires sized 215 55 R17 sports tires with which middle class vehicles can be driven at high speeds. A good balance between safety and driving comfort characterizes this tire size.

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