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Alutec wheels in various designs

The ALUTEC alloy wheels GmbH for 15 years has rims in many modern designs. In 1996 the company was founded and has since emerged as one of the most prestigious and popular wheels supplier on the market. In particular, the Alutec alloy wheels are top compared to the current competition.

Felgen von Alutec

High-quality alloy wheels

The portfolio of Alutec wheels are found mainly alloy wheels made of aluminum, magnesium and other weight-optimized materials. So Alutec works closely in wheel manufacturing with established tuning companies. In addition, partnerships with racing series like the GRW (German Race Wars) or the IDS (International Drift Series). Therefore, enjoy Alutec auto wheels , not least in racing and in the tuning scene a high reputation.

Sporty and innovative

The racing and Tuningtaugleichkeit the Alutec wheels stems not only from its high-quality goods and the optimized weight. The appearance plays a major role in the market today. Models like the Alutec Grip graphite or the Poison Racing find a large sales - even in the field of production cars. Especially in the summer resort car owners like to fancy wheel designs back - because who uses his car popular and frequently, would besides safety and driving comfort never miss it an appealing look.


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