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Portrait on wheels Manufacturer Ats

ATS is not only in motorsport widely respected wheel manufacturer, but also for many people synonymous with safety and great design. Many car manufacturers are equipping their models are equipped with ATS rims. The name ATS stands for advanced technology and modern design. Permanent technological progress and continuous adaptation to the current requirements in the automotive industry have made ATS a known rim manufacturer, trusted by customers.

Development of wheels with advanced technologies at ATS

The successful history of ATS took in 1969 with the establishment by Günter Schmid and Dr. Bruch its beginning. Modern rims are also always been to offer the manufacturer. To meet the requirements of the time, the founders developed the low-pressure casting method for lighter wheels. In the years 1970 to 1975 this procedure was introduced erfolgreihc. The first customer Porsche was thrilled and took the wheels on his offer. ATS has been around since the early seventies tire supplier for many teams in motorsport. Lessons learned from the motorsport flowing ever since the development of the rim. Since 2008 ATS Europe will be continued by UNIWHEELS. The ever-changing technical requirements of the development in the auto industry continues to ATS. Through the further development of manufacturing processes and researching the viability of new materials ATS has introduced in 2009 new lightweight technologies

Design and advanced technology in harmony inspire customers

Not only advanced technologies and designs inspire customers. ATS attaches great importance to the design of their rims. Through its successful activities in motorsport ATS has established a brand in the market, which is every car lovers a term. Modern methods in the manufacture of wheels and the logical continuation of further bringing the rim manufacturer large corporate success. Always new coating process give the wheels a long shelf life and the driver a strong sense of security. Modern surface technology allows modern designs as in Ricolor design or multicolored coatings. Especially young and young drivers are excited about the many modern wheel designs.

ATS combines the high technical quality of the rim with a modern look and has so won a leading international role as rims Bauer. With continuous development, especially in the weight optimization to improve the environmental data of the vehicles, ATS defended its place among the world leaders in Leichtmetallradbau. Excellent test results confirm this trend and are evidence of high customer satisfaction.

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