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Portrait over rim manufacturer Brock

The wheel manufacturer Brock now produces annually 850,000 wheels. Considering that the company was founded in the mid-nineties of the last century, it becomes clear how fast it is the producers managed to work out an important place in the market.

Brock: from 13 to 22 inches

But a look at the product range is sufficient to bear in mind as well placed, the manufacturer is: under the name of Brock and RC Design is a broad range of aluminum wheels 13 and between 22 inches available. Fall not only multipart wheels, but also wheel designs for SUVs or in the range of off-road area . Here Brock produced exclusively in Europe and exclusively under the umbrella of the own company. No element of the production is - as with other manufacturers sometimes usual - outsourced to third parties.

Brock: worldwide leader in painting and coating

Through the use of advanced equipment Brock has managed to move into the fields of painting and coating a world leader. For the exceptional quality speaks the three-year warranty, which is the manufacturer on its wheels. This is partly due to the in the sealing processes clear acrylic powders used. This is indeed a more expensive material, but the properties obtained when using in the field of corrosion protection, salt protection and general weather protection confirm that the extra cost worthwhile. The products of Brock are obviously all certified and meet all European requirements in full.

Brock is a high quality, a wide range of products and for modern art. The resistance of aluminum wheels made ​​by Brock is almost unmatched, and the phenomenon of "Einfressens" will be customers of this brand almost completely unknown.

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