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Dotz rims: value work from the European market leader

Dotz has become in Europe a well-known brand name. The Dotz rims are regarded as leaders in the continent. Responsible for this, which in addition to their great quality by a similarly convincing compatibility, is one of the leading industrial and commercial enterprises of the continent.

Dotz: A member of the ALCAR Group

Dotz rims got good press and recommendations repeatedly in recent years. They are first class or the best, what you could get as value for money, noisy current judgments of testers. Special joy solve such opinions in Hirtenberg (40 kilometers south of Vienna) from in Austria. Here the ALCAR Group is native, is one of the Dotz. This is one of Europe's leading industrial and commercial enterprises and especially in the light-alloy wheels even as the clear market leader. The ALCAR Group is represented in 13 European countries - including Germany - with a total of six own brands on the market.

The special qualities of Dotz rims

Dotz alloy wheels are characterized by some special qualities. So these are highly durable and resistant to changing climatic conditions. Whether it comes to rain, snow, hail or extreme heat: The Dotz rims lose none of their resilience or their brilliance. The design is varied. Friends spoke many come just at their expense as followers of simpler designs. Also guaranteed is at Dotz rims that this match easily with as many tires. The ALCAR Group works in cooperation for the major manufacturers. Shine, whether it comes to Continental go, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear or Dunlop example - the tires always fit.

Those looking rims of great quality, originating from the European market leader, are designed elegantly and varied, which should decide on the Dotz rims. For these to choose a quality that can be felt when driving and watch anytime.

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