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produce aluminum rims is not an easy job, with which every company that has the necessary equipment to deal can. A lot of experience and above all an excellent knowledge must constantly be used. In Com4wheels, one of the most famous German wheel manufacturer , this is precisely the case. The best engineers in the field of aluminum wheels from Germany to work for this manufacturer. They are the ones who ensure smooth development and production of the rims of Com4wheels. Besides the technical perfection of these wheels also their design is unique. For this reason Com4wheels is one of the popular rims brands, not only in Germany.

The perfection of Com4wheels

The fact that the wheels are perfect not only in design but also in terms of safety and quality, proven by numerous tests carried out by the TÜV. In Com4wheels before and after the production will take place this so that the manufacturer can really be sure also that the customer is satisfied. The result of this perfection are wheels like Decimus BLACK. It has a modern double dummy design and 10 individual spokes. The rim in two-color theme is available in sizes from 16 until 18 inches available. The model of Blix Com4wheels other hand, has a simple form. The bike is very easy and inexpensive.

The top rim of Com4wheels

One of the latest is the rim OCTOPUS-X BLACK. It is glossy black and has 10 spokes. Unlike its predecessor, this wheel appears in much more sizes. The model ELEGANCY has a double-spoke design and can easily be used as a standard wheel. It is provided with a conventional silver-color.

The rims of Com4wheels offer design, elegance and are found to be safe in tests.


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