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RC Design - A cycling center identifies options

The manufacture and sale of wheels and tires is dedicated to the Rc Design now now for more than two decades. Here, their activities from in Weilerswist the wheel Center Derkum GmbH controls.

The road to modern service

During the year 1989, the foundation of the wheel center Derkum GmbH has taken place. Only five years later had a branch in Taucha near restarted for the customer because of Leipzig. Dedicated to the establishment has customers in all new Länder. Already at that time, the company has established itself on the market. Even then, the focus has remained on the production of light alloy wheels. In addition, was and is the production of tires for cars in the center of the work of Rc Design. Meanwhile the high quality of the house was confirmed a decade ago by a certification according to DIN 9001 standard.

The current image of the product range

Meanwhile, featuring more than 30 attractive designs, the wheels of Rc Design. can select this driver in different paint variants which also are more innovative. Particularly important are the wheels of at work of the house RC design with 17 models and 16 models of Brock. Depending on the brand of the rim can be up to eight sizes per model of a rim for selection are available. The wheels can also be painted quite differently.

What are the opportunities, the house presents Rc Design not only in his camp. Who is curious about the quality of the wheels, then should ever view one of the car shows how the Essen Motor Show.


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