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Knowing Your 235 65 r17 Tires

The best tires in the 235 65 r17 range are the snow tires that are used by SUVs and CUVs. They offer good performance at a mid-price range, and still work well if you wish to keep them on for the rest of the year. There are also 235 65 17 tires all terrain and all-season tires that offer a very safe and reliable performance for people who occasionally go off road with their SUV or large vehicle. The summer touring 235 r65 17 tires offer good fuel efficiency without sacrificing too much durability. Your 235 65r17 tire diameter touring summer tires are good for crossovers as well as SUVs.

Your 235 65 r17 tires are determined as such:

  • 235 is the width of your tires in mm
  • 65 is the aspect ratio (ratio of height to width)
  • r17 is the diameter of your wheel in inches measured by the size of the rim
  • R means this is a radial tire

235 65 r17 Special Features

The summer 235 65 17 inch tires have a lower fuel consumption rate, which is good for the environment. The 235 65 17 inches tires are even more green if you take good care of them so that they last longer. They have a low rolling resistance and reduced weight, which is another reason why they are so environmentally friendly.

Your winter 235 65 r17 tires are good for driving in cold temperatures. They have a fair amount of tread, which offers extra traction on slippery surfaces. The tires handle well in both wet and dry conditions and have an enhanced braking and handling capacity. In addition, the 235 65 17 winter tires have lower than average noise when compared to most winter tires, and they have a fairly low rolling resistance too.

How To Get The Most Out of Your 235 65 r17 Tires

Light trucks, vans, SUVs, CUVs, and several types of larger car will benefit the most from the winter tires. They have a fair amount of tread and grip, which offers excellent traction for larger vehicles. The all-terrain tires offer a good amount of tread too and are very long lasting even when exposed to tough conditions, but this comes at the cost of being slightly less fuel efficient. If you are a careful driver and you maintain your vehicle very well, then the urban or touring summer tires can be left on all year and will serve you well for a fairly long time if you maintain them and re careful when you drive.

Getting The Best 235 65 17 Tires

If you are going for the cheapest 235 65 r17 tires, then opt for the summer touring and/or urban tires because they are the most reasonably priced and most fuel efficient, though you do lose a bit of durability., lastablity, and hard wearing quality. The 235 65 r17 tires prices are on the mid-to-low range with some of the most expensive 235 65 r17 tires for sale being all-terrain tires, and/or the specialized winter tires. Be very careful and shop around as you buy these since the markup on some of these tires is a little unfair, so shop around for better prices where you can.

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