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235 70 R16 - high-traction tire with comfort cushioning

Each tire size has its own characteristics, which have a positive or negative impact on certain aspects. In the tire size 235 70 R16 especially fall on the good traction the tires strong damping and high mileage - ideal conditions for off-road tires.

High tires provide greater comfort

tires with the dimensions 235 70 R16 have a wide tread, a, relative large flank side and a comparatively small inner diameter. The latter determines the size of the appropriate tire rims - in this case 16 inches. A wide tread means that the total weight of the vehicle better distributed. This allows softer rubber mixtures are used that guarantee improved braking ability or a more precise handling. The tire height is characterized by the ratio of the tires. The ratio value 70 indicates a high tire which characterized especially when it comes to score comfort. The size of the wheels plays a role in fuel economy and longevity, which take with smaller wheels. 235 70 R16 tires are mainly for SUVs and off-road use.

A summer tire with balanced properties

A good tires sized 235 70 R16 is, for example, the Hankook DYNAPRO HP . All properties of the tires are consistently good and offer a very balanced performance. Wet grip and energy efficiency are marked in the EU tire label with the C class. The score for the EU tire label of best value A through to Class G. convinced, the tire line of Hankook also db by low rolling noise of 71st Open to the off-road tires for speeds of up to 210 km / h.

Especially in the case of tires for SUVs and off-road vehicles the size 235 70 R16 is commonly used. Many tire manufacturers perform these dimensions and offer their summer tires , winter tires or all-season tires in that size.

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