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Best grip with Goodyear tires

That Goodyear tires are popular all over the world, their high quality is thanks to. The Goodyear was founded in 1898 tire & Rubber Company has developed within the first 20 years of existence the world's largest tire producer. Through mergers and acquisitions Goodyear has remained to the present day one of the leading tire manufacturers. Even Dunlop tires are produced today under the roof of Goodyear.

Goodyear tires for the year

High-quality Goodyear tires for summer, winter and all season are Goodyear to find. As early as 1916 began with Goodyear to develop special tires for racing cars. Since then the company has repeatedly brought prestigious tire on the market. This tradition continues with the Goodyear winter tires ULTRAGRIP. 8 In him could be installed using an innovative technology more sipes in the tire tread. These provide slip resistance in snow and ice. Interested parties can the ULTRAGRIP 8 is under Goodyear view.

Powerful summer tires Goodyear

The summer tire Eagle F1 is the result of the work of a multi-headed the development team that has advanced the optimization of this tire. It was specially designed for driving at high speeds. This Goodyear tires can be up to 300 km / h could be achieved. In addition, the summer tires from Goodyear convinces with its cornering performance on dry and wet roads. The inner profile performs on wet roads from the water. The outer profile makes the curves for a perfect grip. By a reinforcing ply in the side wall, which consists of hochbeanspruchbarer synthetic fiber, the cornering performance is also optimized. Goodyear tires Eagle F 1 is under Goodyear available.

The traditional company Goodyear tire and Rubber Company has maintained its leading position among the tire manufacturers for almost 90 years. Goodyear car tires are available for all kinds of vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, vans, buses, tractors and cars. The new Goodyear tires are distinguished by superior handling characteristics.

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