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Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 are the manufactured product of Cooper tire and Rubber Company. These tires have excellent wet traction and can drain and evacuate water easily without losing grip on wet rainy roads. These tires have quality tread pattern which has deep grooves providing greater traction and stability to the vehicle. Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 has modern and classy design which not only enhances the beauty, but also provides greater stability and safety to the driver. These tires can be used by aggressive drivers to move swiftly on the roads without any stress of safety. 5-rib all-terrain of Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 gives the tire an extra stability to give best performance on on-road and as well as off-road driving.

The dual draft tread compound in Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 helps the driver to drill through stony surfaces. These tires are quiet enough and have lesser noise that is barely audible and gives the driver an excellent comfort and soothing drive. These tires have better dry traction but an outstanding wet traction, which can drain water easily and have reduced aquaplaning: water layer act as a lubricant between road and tire which loses the traction and can be dangerous. Lateral grooves of Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 reduces stone retention and hence provide greater stability and safety to the driver. Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 has a central rib that helps in improving soft surface traction. These tires provide excellent short distance braking, which can be safe in any emergency braking situation.

Wet traction on wet, rainy surface is provided by silica based tread compound which gives good handling and greater grip on rough gravel surfaces and have better and safe cornering around the edges and roundabouts. These tires are barely audible and are much quieter as compared to other tires and gives a relaxed drive to the driver. These tires have a low rolling friction so they have less noise and have greater fuel efficacy, hence they are economical to be used. Rolling friction is a resistance between the tire and the surface of the road which does not allow smooth slippery movement along the road. These are Light Truck tires, which can be trusted to use during rain to ensure safety.

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