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tires in 165 80 R15 - for the middle class and some Oldies

tires in 165 80 R15 are basically designed for medium-sized cars, with some classic cars this dimension finds but also use.

High section height and small width

On modern vehicles, it exists tires 165 80 R15 size no longer so common in many vintage models already. Strikingly, in this dimension, especially the height of the tire with a very narrow width. Although Schmale, high tires offer little rolling resistance, but also a less good road as wide, low tire. But for most modern cars Summer tires important are today consistently powerful engine and the middle class justice, and deliver the power via a finely tuned running gear safely and with much road contact to the road. Even in the eighties it was different - there were VW Passat and Co. still worthy Familienkutschen and brave beasts of burden with no claim to sportiness - at least in the base versions. Accordingly, then the tire dimensions were chosen accordingly, the tires, which were always as narrow as possible, made for a low fuel consumption.

The dimension has become rare

Today, only a few manufacturers offer this dimension, for many it is already running under the category vintage tires. So there are, for example, of Continental yet the Continental CT 22 in this dimension, or the Vredestein Snow + AP as winter tires . Even the Toyo 330 and the Hankook Optimo are available in this not so frequently represented dimension, and offer similarly good performance as the Continental. In terms of road holding this dimension can not compete with low-profile tires or wide tires of course, but this is the rolling resistance significantly less what is clearly the fuel consumption with the earlier "Asphalt cutters" geschimpften tire models noted. Wide tires were actually once unheard-of luxury, today they are standard.

tires in 165 80 R15 dimensions are what were formerly "Asphalt Schneider" called - very narrow and for high tires, but having low rolling resistance and therefore reduce fuel consumption, but less well lying in the street.


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    • 165/80 R15 87T
    • Car - Summer

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    SimpleTire 52.95 $
    SimpleTire 211.80 $
    City Limit Tire 215.00 $
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    • 72 dB

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    • 165/80 R15 87T
    • Car - Summer

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    • 165/80 R15 87T
    • Car - 4season

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    City Limit Tire 238.00 $
    Performance-Plus-Tire-and-Auto 259.38 $
    Performance-Plus-Tire-and-Auto 64.85 $

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