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Achilles ATR SPORT 2 Tire

Achilles ATR SPORT 2 is a high performance tire manufacturing brand. It has multiple designs of tires that specifically controls the speed and traction for wet and dry roads. Achilles ATR Sport 2 branded tires are more about wet roads in specific.

Directional Tread Design:

ATR SPORT 2 tires are made for the traction that provides high and good traction for dry and wet roads of any kind whether good or bad. It is both a sport vehicle and street vehicle road tire making brand.

tire Technology:

The technology that has been used in the making of this tire is super advance which handles the vehicle in every road condition. Achilles ATR SPORT 2 tire raises the cornering performance of a tire. This tire has a self-cleaning system, the technology that has been used in the making of this tire is super cool and advance. It assists in water and even performs its best function in heavy water.

Achilles ATR SPORT 2 has a channelling system that makes this tire stand at the first in the world of tire maker’s brands. This brand has a multiple sizes of tires and makes marvellous designs for every vehicle according to the demand of the vehicle that contains its shape, size and model.

Solid centre rib:

Solid centre rib improves handling and gives a heavy grip on road. The steal belts used in the making of this tire makes its work more easy and convenient. The topping with the soft rubber makes the ride smooth and gentle that the driver enjoys without any worry.

Db silent technology:

Db silent technology is the advance technology that Achilles ATR SPORT 2 uses in its tire. This super cool advance technology makes the ride silent. This technology does not let the tire make any noise and protects it from crashing. It makes the ride quitter free of noise on and off both the roads. It performs its best function on wet and dry roads.

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