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Information on the tire size 195 55 R15

tires sized 195 55 R15 are versatile models of moderate width, with a yet sporty appearance. The tires for the middle class offered in every price segment of cheap tires through to premium tires.

Appealing ride comfort, safe driving

Audi, Ford or Seat - there are many vehicle makes and models that can be driven with tires in the dimension 195 55 R15. Tires with a width of 195 mm are ideal especially for the lower middle class. With an aspect ratio of 55 percent and a diameter of 15 inches 195 55 R15 tires are very balanced and combine an appealing driving comfort with a secure road holding. Even more widespread are tires sized 195 60 R15 , which are a little higher.

Reliable tires for summer, winter or all year

The range of tires sized 195 55 R15 is large. As a very typical dimension for the lower middle class, these tires can be driven with many different vehicles. According to popular the tires are. Of course give both for winter and for summer suitable models, to also Ganzjahresreifen. Whether cheap tires or tires with fuel-saving properties, for example from the series Fulda Ecocontrol HP : Drivers have the choice among the 195 55 R15 tires.

Whether the dimension 195 55 R15 is the right one for your own car, a glance at the vehicle registration certificate. Mostly, there is a little room, so that drivers can experiment with the aspect ratio and the diameter. Safe and comfortable, the 195 55 R15 tires are definitely.

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