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215 55 R16: powerful yet low?

tires of the type 215 55 R16 are very far-surface use and because of their size often used both in small cars such as the VW Golf as well as lighter sedans such as the Renault Megane. But worry not only the dimensions of a width of 215 centimeters, a height of 55 centimeters and an inch size of 16 for its extensive range of applications.

The performance tire for almost all

Whether the envisaged tires also really fits to your car, can be in the vehicle registration certificate at paragraphs 20 to 23 (old car registration) or 1.15 to 2.15 (new car registration) to find out. In most cases, the 215 55 R16 tire type also has an additive, for example, quite often is 85W. This addition refers to the load index and the speed index. What exactly does this mean in detail, can be brought only by looking in the appropriate classifieds in experience in the individual case. But as an example: 85W means that the tire can carry the one up to 515 kilograms and a maximum speed should be up to 270 km / h withstand.

Wide range from A to Z - 215 55 R16

tires with the dimensions 215 55 R16 are available in very large selection. This means firstly that these are represented by various manufacturers (both Syron and Michelin or Dunlop offer tires of the type 215 55 R16), as on the other hand, that tire this size also different in different types of materials, performance classes, and of course with Profile properties are available.

The wide choice makes itself not only on the basis of extensive ranges of each tire brands noticeable, from which one can as a customer of course only benefit. For tires with the dimensions 215 55 R16 are also available in different price ranges, which does not always mean that cheap tires must be of poor quality. Often even the opposite is the case. Therefore, a more accurate comparison is worthwhile.

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